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When something illegal is discovered at the First National Bank of New York, the crime brings a single mother of two to being the prime witness to a brutal homicide.


An ordinary Wednesday night turns into an unexpected night for Andrea Harris. As she comes to witness a despicable man, however not seeing his face, but see wearing a full-length black coat, brutally murder three men from the New York’s Judicial System in cold blood.


Caught witnessing this triple homicide, Andrea manages to elude the hands of the despicable man’s crew members. More than half scared to death, Andrea waste time going to the police to report what saw. And as a result of being unprotected, she is found. However, Andrea’s life is spared but is threatened. If she dare speak a word of what she witnessed that night, her life will come to an end. Life will never be the same for Andrea… or those within it.

The Eye Witness - Paperback

SKU: 03202015314
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